A little about me..

Although my business name may offer some challenges in pronunciation it is a ‘gift’ from my parents and forms part of my name; a loving memory of my father’s favourite aunt.  

As I think about gifts, I have to give thanks to my family and friends who have always supported my creativity and ideas. In particular my mother for sharing her knowledge and for her patience in helping me grow; emotionally, spiritually and creatively. 

I registered as self employed over 10 years ago after being invited to design craft projects for children for a local craft store. As the years have gone by I have acquired new skills and interests, I qualified as a school teacher and more recently become a grandma! Although life is not always easy..I do feel very blessed.  

I owned my first sewing machine at the tender age of 7 and since then I have acquired many old hand cranked machines within my home. I love all things vintage and full of character. Yes that includes a love of whimsical things - anything American, I collect buttons, fabric, yarn, paper, books and other useful stuff. My love of creating projects that look complicated but are very simple is how I share my love of traditional crafts with a modern twist. With the hope that I will inspire others to have a go! Look around the site you should find lots of supplies and gifts for that special someone and if you have a question just use the contact section - I will try and help.  
I am sure I will update this again, but until then, have a wonderful and creative day, Jacqui :)